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Yes – or the intercom module Intinor Direct products support AES67 audio with Dante compatibility. This means that when Linking Dante devices to your Intercom setup you need to put the Dante device you want to attach in to AES67 compatibility mode. Don’t forget to also set the Multicast range correctly and to create a AES67 audio group with the correct audio channels. after doing this you can use Dante controller to route to the Intinor and Route from the Intinor. Please not that the AES67 option for Intinor is a software license. This license is also available as a rental. If further assistance is needed / required please feel free to contact us.

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Yes – We do provide fully managed intercom servers for events and concerts. We can provide this on your own equipment or come in and fully take care of everything. In this last case you just tell us what is needed and we will make sure its there and that it works. This way you do not have to worry about stagehands not hearing the show-caller or other communications issues during the event. we make sure everybody is in communication with those important to there job during the event or concert. To learn more or to discuss your project just give us a call or an email and we are happy to look at your requirements.

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Yes RTS ODIN / OMNEO does support both DANTE and AES67. Dante it supports by default. you can route streams from and to the intercom via Dante controller.  To enable AES67 you need to enable the port from IPedit by ticking the box for “ST-2110 Enable”. After doing so and submitting the config to the Device you will be able to configure the port for AES67 compatibility from Dante controller to set the Multicast IP range. Also the AES67 multicast streamgroups then need to be made in Dante Controller. If you like assistance with this feel free to contact us.

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When roaming the most common issues are described below. Please not that also having difference in versions of firmware between access points can cause issues with roaming. Please find the details on the states that the Roaming can be in below. This Table has been taken from the RTS TR-1800 Manual. Of issues still exist please contact us.

from the TR-1800 RTS manual