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Wel first of al thanks for renting with us :-), then regarding the Ports on your firewall. To make things easy we created a little list of ports needed to make the stream-hub work with the Wireless 4G/5G transmitters coming in and sending video. Please find the list below:
Stream Hub Ports
Type Inbound OutBound
TCP 7900 7900
UDP 7900-7910 7900-7910
TCP 8884
TCP 9000-9100
UDP 9000-9100
UDP 20400-20432
When a Databridge Connection is needed on the ProXXX (internet) then its advised to open all ports outbound
so that the client on the other side can access the internet. 
  If you also want to connect to SRT listeners the ports related to those listeners need to be opened outbound next to the once mentioned up here. If you are the listener for these SRT connections those ports need to be opened inbound  for those connections. If you like some assistance with this to setup feel free to get in contact we are happy to help.

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When roaming the most common issues are described below. Please not that also having difference in versions of firmware between access points can cause issues with roaming. Please find the details on the states that the Roaming can be in below. This Table has been taken from the RTS TR-1800 Manual. Of issues still exist please contact us.

from the TR-1800 RTS manual