Broadcasting a TV or radio program live, sports broadcasting, organising an online event, livestreaming a webinar, conference or webcast, offering online education and training or collaborating virtually from different locations. The demand for live audio and video broadcasting and setting up intercom, audio and video links has been growing tremendously in recent years. YourSide helps to make this happen in a professional and safe way.

IP Broadcasting

YourSide provides complete IP-based broadcast solutions for corporations, broadcasters and broadcast facilitation companies. We provide the know-how, technology and people to create AV productions of the highest quality. Think studio setup, production software, registration, play-out, remote production, virtual studios and SRT. We think about all aspects involved in professional broadcasting.

Accessible consultancy

YourSide was founded on the idea that broadcast consultancy can be different, namely: transparent, accessible and in co-creation with the client as much as possible. We see consulting primarily as a creative process. Brainstorming, designing, developing and unburdening. We love to come up with creative solutions in consultation. Clients are given every opportunity to contribute their own ideas and we look at whether and how they can be cleverly realised. We are quite inventive here, but we also say it when something isn’t possible.

Innovative technical solutions

Our strength and passion lie in the realisation of innovative technical solutions with which we make things feasible that seemed unfeasible at first. We make smart combinations of different techniques, which enables us to, for instance, reduce construction time or simplify complex infrastructures, and we adapt materials to better meet the specific needs of a client.

A Few of our Customers