YourSide works extensively with and on behalf of broadcasters and broadcast facilitation companies. We provide technical support for their productions and provide IP over a reliable  and lesser reliable internet connections, including crew, monitoring, hardware and configuration.

We choose IP as a full-fledged alternative to expensive satellite connections. IP is flexible, simple to install and we see the market moving more and more towards internet / IP broadcasting. Attention to IT and security, the realization of secure connections and infrastructures, is inextricably linked to this. We advise and relieve our clients in this area as well. YourSide works both in the high end spectrum of IP with SMPTE2110 solutions but also mid end IP solutions making broadcasting of events more cost efficient.

As Market leader in SRT based solutions YourSide has earned its stripes. Building solutions is our core business and we love to take your challenge to hand and try to provide you with a effective solution both mid als high end!