Cosmos Technology Broadcast Systems

Where entering an era of virtualization and cloud based broadcasting. Yourside partners with Cosmos Technology to bring playout to the cloud. Running on VMware both in public as in Private clouds Cosmos feels at home. With IP based output in SMPTE 2022 / 2110 playout new becomes easier to be deployed world-wide and can be placed at the edge where the viewers are. also distribution by use of protocols like SRT are possible. to learn more, Contact us we love to provide more detailed information.

BeatBox TV (UK)

We provide playout for Beat Box TV a 24×7 Music station based specializing in Punjabi Music on PlayBox Airbox. YourSide does not only provide technical support but tries to be a sparring partner for BeatBox. We Encode the signal using Haivision KB Mini hardware. By providing the Playout as a service BeatBox TV is able to bring the highest quality to the Homes in India / Canada and the UK.

RTV - 7 (NL)

“Bij het realiseren van de technische mediadoelstellingen van RTV-7 hebben we veel profijt aan de professionele adviezen en technische ondersteuning van de firma Yourside. Ze kennen de nieuwste technologieën en innovaties op de markt, snappen de business en reageren altijd zeer adequaat en snel op onze verzoeken. Bovendien zijn ze ook nog eens makkelijk toegankelijk en prettig in de omgang. RTV-7 ziet Yourside dan ook graag als vaste samenwerkingspartner“ aldus Gerard Wijngaarden, Directeur van RTV-7.

Web Stream New Heroes Basketball

In samenwerking met partners is YourSide Project Leider van de Webstream voor New Heroes Basketball te s’-Hertogenbosch. Technische invulling van de Encoding / CDN en Replay zijn enkele punten. Maar vooral het stuk project management is de Kracht van YourSide Broadcast Assistance. (Persbericht New Heroes Basketball)

Secure Reliable Transport

Safely send Video over the net!

Using HaiVision encoders YourSide provides stream transport over regular internet for contribution to cable head-ends or even remote camera’s to your production facility. SRT stands for “Secure Remote Transport” it provides a reliable way to bring video from one place to the other using an normal internet connection. It can be used between countries or even continents.

SRT is an opensource Standard and is growing real fast. More and more products support SRT. Wowza Streaming engine is one of the early adopters of this technology and works real close with HaiVision to develop the protocol. YourSide has deployed several SRT setups all over the world and trusts the technology en the support behind the products. (YouTube Video About SRT)