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Don’t let electrical interruptions ruin your film or Broadcast event. Choose Tesla Tech’s power distribution solutions for reliable, high-quality performance every time. Tesla Tech units and cables are built with only the best components from reputable brands like Siemens, Mennekes, Titanex, and Schneider, ensuring you have a dependable source of power no matter the conditions.

At Tesla Tech, they are dedicated to setting the gold standard for power distribution through a strong foundation of reliability and user-friendly functionality. Our power distribution units, cable drums, and cable assemblies are designed and built to the highest industry standards, eliminating electrical interruptions and ensuring the success of your film or event.

With there extensive onsite experience, including as a former provider of high voltage entertainment services with a Tesla coil, we understand the importance of electricity on a movie set or event site and the challenges of working with unreliable vendors and inadequate equipment protections. That’s why we founded Tesla Tech – to provide professional electricity distribution solutions with must-have features that allow you to stop worrying about electricity and focus on what matters most. Our team is constantly developing new features to make setup, analysis, and balancing your grid easier than ever. Choose Tesla Tech for all your power distribution needs and enjoy peace of mind and top-notch performance.

Also availble from teslatech are 19″units suitable to use in a OB truck.



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