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SRT is a very robust and interoperable protocol, however, the streams it helps transport can be configured in many ways. Parameters like interlaced or progressive video, constant or variable bit rate, are often locked by equipment manufacturers. This makes it quite difficult for an operator to encode once and deliver to all customers in a format that their decoder will understand.
GlobalM has developed a new edge transcoding and remultiplexing solution with the help of technology from NVIDIA DeepStream, using NVENC and NVDEC to accelerate video encode and decode at the edge. This new service allows for each edge node (pod) in the GlobalM network to transcode and remultiplex with predefined settings for individual customers. As demonstrated in the diagram below, the encoder ingress to the GlobalM network is 1080i 50 VBR. The sender pod for customer A receives the stream and remuxes as well as transcodes to 1080i 60 CBR. The sender pod for customer B transcodes to 1080p 50 for compatibility with their decoder. This scenario can keep scaling out to many customer end points around the globe (point to multipoint), all providing individualised GPU-based tailored video processing for each customer’s decoder.

As GlobalM is an integrated software as a service solution, operators do not need to manually manage cloud instances through a separate hypervisor. Demand scales within GlobalM, so you’ll never face a situation where you need to start another cloud instance yourself based on increasing demand. The GlobalM user interface is based on a simple drag and drop video router, making it easy for broadcast engineers to operate with only a few minutes of familiarisation before using the application. Real-time monitoring of all encoders and decoders in the network makes it far superior to satellite for contribution quality control and rights management.
GlobalM will be demonstrating this first release of edge transcoding on the Matrox Video stand at IBC 2022 in Hall 7, Booth 7.B15. For more information, get in touch with us and where happy to help!