the RTS ROAMEO AP-1800 by default is not weather proof. As rental partner we gotten the question often to deliver a solution to have the access-point available for Outdoor use. This is why we build the OH-1800 outdoor housing for the AP-1800. with the two omni antenna’s it also improves reception of the signal without raising the noise-floor.

At the back of the water proof (IP65) housing a Manfroto Magic Clamp is fitted. at the bottom of the housing there are two ethercons providing access to the AP-1800 J2 and J3 for connections towards the ODIN / ROAMEO cards. The J2 ethercon is connected with an POE adapter providing also power towards the AP. this way a single cable towards the AP is needed saving you pulling cables for power. the second ethercon is you loop-true or redundant dante port.

with this housing mounting the AP is as simple as finding the right spot and clamping it! For more details on the OH-1800 or any other RTS related question just reach out via our contact page.