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Remote production is becoming more and more the standard. Not only due the current Covid-19 crisis but also because you can bring multiple locations together and make one big event from several smaller events. Intinor is a player in this vastly growing field. With the Intinor Router its possible to bring multiple Audio / Video and Data sources from one or more locations in to your Central production facility or just bring the signals to one of the sights of an event. The Swedish based company already has quite the impressive track record in this field.

We within YourSide think that Intinor fits right in the IP strategy of YourSide. For us the Intinor product line fits right in the view that building remote production solutions need to be simple to implement both within a facility but surely also on site at the customer. The Direct Router is manageable over the internet using the Intinor cloud or local on the box.

All sources can be used to feed the solution, NDI, SDI, BRT, SRT, RTMP, HLS and many more! remote camera’s can be controlled using the VPN that is build in parallel to the Video and audio links that are used between the routers. also contributing direct from the box to platforms like YouTube, Twitch or many more is possible. All this making the Direkt Router a perfect remote production solution.

With the Direct receiver broadcasters can pull in signals in all sorts of formats. linking the receiver to the router you can send your signals across the globe to any production facility. making sourcing of signals easy and flexible. With no dedicated infrastructure prices of signal sourcing can be lowered as the only thing needed is a link with the internet.

Yourside has become a reseller for Intinor and a Rental Partner. If your looking to rent or buy YourSide is there to assist! Get in touch!