With the wide spread adoption of SRT it is now possible to bring your signal from pretty much everywhere to everywhere. Globecast is one of the adopters of SRT and with there participation we can get your signal to a large verity of broadcasters and distribution parties.  Even the smaller studio locations now have access to major distribution facilities. YourSide Helps facilitate these connections. Next to Globecast where also working on getting more partners connected to our SRT facility to provide the most versatile solution for linking Studios and facilities. One of our first projects was a Cross-talk between France 24 – English (The 51%) via Globecast from Eindhoven Studio 040 for an interview of Robbert-Jan Smits, the President of the Technical University of Eindhoven. If you Would like to know more please get in contact! (Find the Video on the Youtube channel of France 24)

France 24 Cross Talk Using SRT