Is linear playout dying ? some would say yes and some would say no. We see still a lot of requests for new linear playout systems passing our desks and where still building them all around the globe. so based on that I would be tempted to say no but we also see a growing percentage of people, mostly the younger generations not having a TV cable or areal subscription. They consume there media via the internet and mostly online. with the companies we all know and become to love like ” Netflix ” and ” Amazone Prime ” and many more localized initiatives. but there is also a sort of a shift, at a certain point as there is so much choice people do like to just sit back and relax, and just let them selves be amused by the linear TV.

This is a point where we see Linear TV produce more quality based documentaries and entertainment  that has been filmed and researched with care and love for the TV profession that it is worth staying at home for or use the Catchup-TV function of your channel for. But these programs cost money and the infrastructure to playout the content is also not cheap! and as the viewing audience is much lower in numbers then it was just a few years back the revenues made from advertisements is  also diminishing and thus putting strain on production budgets and technical budgets.

Yourside is determent to help broadcasters lower there costs for technical processes and thus helping them free up money to put in to the creative side of the TV making process but still upholding the Broadcast standards and reliability of the broadcast contributions. We do this by looking at workflows and discussing if there are openings to introduce new techniques to transport signals or by outsourcing parts of workflows to partners like for Encoding and trans-coding of files and signals. We ourselves provide Playout As a Service out from out own DataCenter in the Netherlands   we already provide playout for 5 channels in 3 different countries and have enabled them to focus on there core business. we provide signal sourcing and signal distribution for them.

YourSide is a independent playout provider and can assist in providing playout solutions based on different playout vendors like Cinegy and X-pert but also the bigger player we can provide housing for. The Netherlands has a very good and robust infrastructure in to the Internet / Cloud Partners and fiber companies throughout the world making it an ideal spot to place your primary or in some cases even your Disaster recovery setup.  also small playout setups aimed at nice markets or internet audiences are most welcome in our facility and will be treasured so you can fully focus on the content that matters to your audience making your channel a success.

As a HAIVISION partner we provide the best of breed encoders for streaming towards your CDN or sending out your signal in SRT to the cable company that is picking up your signal, allowing you to save money on satellite and fibre lines. We have quality and reliability as the company motto and thus keep up with latest techniques but also uphold close contact with all vendors to provide valuable input for them to build better products but mostly also to provide better service and support too our customers.

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