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The KB series of product from HaiVision are really powerfull and easy to use Video Encoders (from SDI) and transcoders when fed IP multicast or other types of streams like SRT. there are several types of KB devices. in this artical we use the KB mini as an example. The KB mini is the small HD portable encoder with enough grunt under the hood to provide sublime picture quality. as Yourside we have used the KB mini to stream HD full frame Basketball in pristine quality to the TATA communications CDN.

The KB mini is portable and cause of its portability it has all the “problems” a portable IP product has. like what is the ip address set by the guy that used the box yesterday. How can i get in to the box i dont know the IP it has gotten from the DHCP server?? HaiVision has addressed this problem by building in a access point function with an open SSID one can set in the GUI of the KB mini. to turn this option on, plugin the Wifi USB dongle deliverd with your KB Mini, and in the GUI go into the settings of the KB and select the option “WiFi Access Point” en give it the desired SSID and you can also give it a Password. We (YourSide) default set it up with no password so that once turned on you can easily configure things like the NIC to use to stream with. and so you can start and stop the Encode without having to be in the same subnet as the KB mini.

KB Mini screenshot WiFi Accesspoint

To configure or start the encoder simply connect to the Wifi network of the encoder and open your browser. as the system provides a captive portal most operating systems will open a browser after your connected and provide a simple start page that contains the link to the web interface of the transcoder. then just log in with the Username and password provided with the unit and here you can change your settings for the NIC or simple find the IP address given to the box by your DHCP server to connect to it from the normal network. this way managing the encoder on a remote production site just became a hole lot easier.

the ease of use will surely show it self at your first time working the encoder! to buy or rent get in contact and where happy to help you select the right type of encoder! the KB will pay it self back as with a lower bit rate you will achieve a higher picture quality then your standard streaming encoders out there!