Dante/AES67 Commentary/Announcer Unit (1 Person)



The SCD1010 is a cost effective Dante Commentary box supporting one commentator. Network connection may be fibre or copper and it has full network redundancy. Microphone amplifier gain and many other adjustments such as phantom power and limit levels may be controlled remotely via the SCD1010’s web server. In addition to the commentary box functions there is a built in Dante breakout box with three analogue inputs and six analogue outputs. These inputs and outputs have level controls and may be assigned to local commentary box or network functions, the SCD1010 may even be used as a standalone analogue unit. The SCD1010 can operate at sample rates of 48kHz and 96kHz. The unit may be powered 240V mains, 12 volt or PoE and has a built in ethernet switch.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 2 kg

Ethernet Cable, European Powercord

Supported Protocols

AES67, Dante