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Carnival, a time of exuberant festivities and colorful parades, holds a special place in the hearts of communities around the world. In the Breda region of the Netherlands, Carnival takes on a unique flair, with vibrant processions and spirited celebrations filling the streets. Baronie TV, a local television station, sought to capture the essence of this cultural extravaganza by broadcasting multiple Carnival parades over four days. Facing logistical challenges, they turned to YourSide Broadcast Assistance, in collaboration with Intinor, CTP Systems, and RTS, to revolutionize their remote production capabilities. In this blog, we explore how YourSide, Intinor, CTP Systems, and RTS came together to deliver seamless and captivating coverage of Carnival in the Breda region.

Capturing the essence of Carnival in the Breda region posed several challenges for Baronie TV. With multiple parades scheduled over four days and spread across different locations, traditional broadcasting methods struggled to provide comprehensive coverage while maintaining quality and reliability. Moreover, limited access to parade routes and unpredictable weather conditions added further complexity to the production process.

YourSide Broadcast Assistance Steps In:
Recognizing the need for innovative solutions, Baronie TV enlisted the expertise of YourSide Broadcast Assistance, a trusted provider of broadcast solutions. Leveraging their experience in remote production and live streaming, YourSide embarked on a mission to elevate Carnival broadcasting for Baronie TV, ensuring that viewers could experience the magic of Carnival from the comfort of their homes. together with Dutchmulticam we could combine the Studio Production with the remote production of the parades.

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-13 at 14.22.27_69499ccc
PTZ cams where remote controled from the OB truck

The Solution: Intinor’s Cutting-Edge Technology, CTP Systems DIO88, and RTS OMS
At the heart of YourSide’s solution lay Intinor’s state-of-the-art technology, complemented by CTP Systems DIO88 interface and RTS OMS (Open Management Suite), which revolutionized the remote production of Carnival parades in the Breda region. Here’s how this integrated solution addressed the challenges faced by Baronie TV:

  1. Reliable Video Transport: Intinor’s robust video transport solutions, integrated with CTP Systems DIO88, ensured the seamless and low-latency transmission of high-quality video feeds from multiple parade locations to Baronie TV’s central production hub. This reliability was essential in capturing the dynamic energy and excitement of Carnival processions without interruptions.

  2. Flexible Remote Production: With Intinor’s intuitive control interface, RTS OMS’s powerful management capabilities, and CTP Systems DIO88’s versatile connectivity options, YourSide’s production team could remotely monitor and manage multiple camera feeds in real-time. This flexibility empowered them to adapt to the evolving parade scenarios, seamlessly switching between camera angles and incorporating live graphics to enhance viewer engagement.

  3. Streamlined Collaboration: RTS OMS, in conjunction with Intinor and CTP Systems DIO88, facilitated seamless communication and coordination between YourSide’s production crew stationed at different parade locations and Baronie TV’s central production team. Whether directing camera operators, coordinating with on-site talent, or troubleshooting technical issues, the combined platform streamlined collaboration and ensured a cohesive production workflow.

  4. Scalability and Adaptability: As Carnival festivities unfolded over four days, Intinor’s scalable infrastructure, supported by CTP Systems DIO88 and RTS OMS’s robust performance, effortlessly accommodated fluctuations in demand and audience engagement. Whether broadcasting a small neighborhood procession or a grand carnival spectacle, YourSide could rely on the adaptable technology stack to scale resources accordingly and deliver consistent quality across all broadcasts.

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Small stack of equipment needed to travel to the locations

The Result: A Captivating Viewing Experience
Thanks to the seamless integration of Intinor’s technology, CTP Systems DIO88, and RTS OMS into YourSide’s broadcast workflow, viewers of Baronie TV were treated to a captivating Carnival experience. From the elaborate costumes of revelers to the rhythmic beats of marching bands, audiences could immerse themselves in the festive spirit of Carnival from the comfort of their living rooms. YourSide’s innovative approach to remote production, powered by Intinor, CTP Systems, and RTS, set a new standard for Carnival broadcasting in the Breda region, showcasing the transformative potential of advanced video transport solutions and interface technologies in capturing and sharing cultural celebrations.

The successful collaboration between YourSide Broadcast Assistance, Intinor, CTP Systems, and RTS demonstrates the power of technology to revolutionize traditional broadcasting practices. By harnessing the capabilities of Intinor’s video transport solutions, CTP Systems DIO88 interface, and RTS OMS, YourSide not only overcame the logistical challenges of remote production but also elevated the viewing experience for audiences of Baronie TV. As Carnival continues to unite communities and celebrate cultural heritage, the partnership between YourSide, Intinor, CTP Systems, and RTS serves as a shining example of innovation in broadcast technology, bringing people closer to the vibrant spirit of Carnival in the Breda region and beyond.