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In a groundbreaking move within the broadcasting industry, YourSide Broadcast Assistance proudly announces the integration of Prodys IP Codecs into its rental fleet, seamlessly compatible with SIPITPRO and RTS ODIN. This strategic triple alliance not only amplifies YourSide’s technological prowess but also ensures a streamlined, efficient, and feature-rich broadcasting experience for clients.

A Triumvirate of Technologies:
The incorporation of Prodys IP Codecs, SIPITPRO, and RTS ODIN exemplifies YourSide’s commitment to offering an unparalleled broadcasting solution. Prodys’ renowned IP audio codecs, seamlessly integrated with SIPITPRO for advanced communication protocols, now join forces with the cutting-edge RTS ODIN intercom system to create a comprehensive suite of tools for broadcasters.

RTS ODIN: A Brief Overview:
RTS ODIN is a state-of-the-art intercom matrix that redefines communication within broadcasting environments. Designed by RTS, a leader in professional intercom solutions, ODIN stands out for its modular architecture, flexibility, and advanced features. ODIN provides broadcasters with a scalable and reliable intercom system that adapts to the dynamic needs of live productions, offering superior audio quality and seamless connectivity.

Enhanced Connectivity, Flexibility, and ODIN Integration:
Prodys IP Codecs, celebrated for their robust connections, integrate seamlessly with SIPITPRO and RTS ODIN, creating a comprehensive broadcasting solution. ODIN’s modular design and compatibility with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) enhance communication possibilities, allowing broadcasters to manage audio channels efficiently and maintain crystal-clear communication even in complex production environments.


Efficiency Redefined:
The collaboration between Prodys IP Codecs, SIPITPRO, and RTS ODIN brings forth a new era of efficiency in the broadcasting workflow. This powerful trio optimizes operational processes, ensuring a smooth and streamlined experience for broadcasters. ODIN’s ability to handle a large number of audio channels with low latency complements the adaptive features of Prodys IP Codecs and the communication protocols of SIPITPRO, resulting in a cohesive and efficient broadcasting solution.

Unparalleled Audio Quality Reinforced:
Prodys IP Codecs, known for their superior audio quality, seamlessly integrate with RTS ODIN to ensure that broadcasters can deliver content with pristine clarity. This collaboration further fortifies YourSide’s dedication to providing an unmatched audio experience. The combination of Prodys, SIPITPRO, and RTS ODIN guarantees exceptional audio quality, meeting and exceeding the highest standards in the broadcasting realm.

Customer-Centric Approach Enhanced:
YourSide’s decision to incorporate Prodys IP Codecs with SIPITPRO and RTS ODIN compatibility into its rental fleet exemplifies its commitment to a customer-centric philosophy. By investing in this powerful triple alliance, the company empowers broadcasters to exceed their goals, delivering outstanding content with unmatched efficiency, audio quality, and advanced intercom capabilities offered by RTS ODIN.

The integration of Prodys IP Codecs with SIPITPRO and RTS ODIN compatibility into YourSide Broadcast Assistance’s rental fleet marks a pioneering leap toward broadcasting excellence. This strategic triple alliance not only amplifies YourSide’s technological capabilities but also positions the company as an industry leader in delivering seamless, high-quality broadcasting experiences. As the broadcasting landscape continues to evolve, YourSide’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and exceptional customer service is exemplified through this integration, ensuring clients receive a comprehensive solution that exceeds industry standards.