Example Project Aviwest with RTS Intercom and Starlink Uplink!

For a customer, we set up a project that we would like to share some details with you. The request we received was to provide a solution that would allow us to bring in various speakers from 3 countries on video and then record this in a studio on location using a green screen in the backdrop. For this, we offered the customer a solution that we will describe below.

For the speakers on location, the setup was simple but efficient with the choice of the Aviwest Pro 360 5G. This was complemented with a presentation beltpack from CTP Systems and a beltpack for the cameraman, allowing us to fully connect the studio in communication with the speakers and camerapersons. Additionally, there was a mobile greenscreen with lighting and a Starlink for data traffic. We added Starlink because the locations where the recordings were made did not have a fixed internet connection, and mobile data was not very stable. By adding Starlink to the mix of mobile providers, we could guarantee the connection, and we can reveal that we had no dropouts from the locations.

At the studio location, we used the Aviwest StreamingHub with the latest firmware that added Aviwest / Haivision AES67 in the Dante compatible mode. This allowed us to link intercom signals over a single UTP cable from our RTS Odin with the Aviwest. This made setting up the more complex setup for speaker IFBs and camera intercoms a relatively straightforward task. By choosing RTS intercoms, we were able to offer intercom communication at all crucial locations of the production, including the 3 outdoor locations.

During the show, the 3 speakers were brought in one by one into the program, and in some situations, there were multiple speakers talking simultaneously and engaging in conversation. Since we could provide each speaker with their own IFBs, discussions could be held among them without any issues. Editors could also maintain direct contact with the presenters in the studio and the 3 locations, allowing for efficient information sharing.

YourSide always strives to work with product suppliers in its portfolio to come up with smarter options, enabling us as a partner to provide innovative solutions for various challenges. We focus on IP-based solutions, as this platform offers the most flexible possibilities and the simplest cabling methods. In this situation, we were able to build the entire setup in just 6 hours, including testing the connections with the locations.

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