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The project is a great example of how the integration with OnAir TV works

X-Pert Multimedia Solutions, a broadcast software, and service provider, announces that its flagship product X-Pert Channel-in-a-Box has been installed in RADIONL.TV, a Dutch national online streaming broadcaster. The bundle, which includes X-Pert Playout, X-Pert Graphics, and X-Pert Ingest, provides a successful combination of automation, playout, and interactive graphics. In addition, it is integrated with the scheduling system of Calliope Media Software OnAir TV. The project was implemented with the support of the system integrator YourSide.


Ivardo Muulink, Head of the Visual Department - RADIONL.TV

Full automation

“With X-Pert Channel-in-a-Box everything actually goes automatically. The only thing we need to do is add the video clips and/or live inputs, and start planning inside of Calliope OnAir TV,” explained Ivardo Muurling, Head of the Visual Department of RADIONL.TV.

Ludmil Kushinov - CEO -Pert Media Solutions

“Last year we announced the integration of our products with Caliope’s OnAir TV. The project with RADIONL.TV is a great example of how fluently all the broadcasting processes could go on because of this integration,” said Ludmil Kushinov, the CEO of X-Pert Multimedia Solutions.
Support services

Besides the software installation, X-Pert Multimedia Solutions is providing support services to RADIONL.TV, which ensures a smooth broadcast media workflow and unique user experience.

“The support we get is amazing. We have a private group with multiple tech supporters. 24/7 support is actually 24/7 and we don’t have to wait for 10 to 30 minutes or so before someone helps us out. And they always tell us what we need to do to prevent any further issues,” explained Ivardo Muurling.


Harm van Houten, CEO YourSide Broadcast Assistance

Smooth integration

“I’m happy that the integration process went so fast, without any additional issues. And this is the case with every project we run together with X-Pert Multimedia Solutions – flawless process, effectiveness, and efficiency,” commented Harm van Houten, the CEO of YourSide.

X-Pert Multimedia Solutions’ product list covers the three steps of the TV broadcast process: broadcast delivery, process improvement, and redundancy. The first step includes the flagship products X-Pert Playout, X-Pert Ingest, and X-Pert Graphics, the bundle X-Pert Channel-in-a-Box, and X-Pert List. Over the Years YourSide has become a well known Implementation partner of X-Pert Playout Solutions for small and mid sized Broadcasters. YourSide can implement both the software and hardware needed to start or to improve the work flows and technical processes of broadcasters.