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GlobalM and Matrox® Video announced today that BBC Studios, the commercial arm of the BBC, worked with GlobalM’s cloud-based SRT distribution platform to stream Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Using the GlobalM SRT distribution network, BBC Studios delivered live feeds to its international rights holders, providing global BBC audiences access to 12 hours of high-quality, interruption-free event coverage.

SRT distribution to international rights holders

The BBC televised the funeral across the U.K. through its BBC One broadcast television network. However, BBC Studios also required a cloud-based media distribution workflow to deliver live feeds to its international rights holders with limited or non-existent satellite links. Already familiar with GlobalM and Matrox Video, BBC Studios used the GlobalM network and Matrox Monarch EDGE encoder technologies, providing them with an easy-to-use, easy-to-setup solution to launch a same-day, cost-effective, IP-based distribution workflow.

The workflow began with the Monarch EDGE multi-channel encoders encoding high-quality, low-latency international and domestic feeds to the GlobalM SRT streaming platform. The GlobalM orchestration network then distributed and transmitted the SRT-enabled feeds—including backup and redundant paths—to international rights holders across the globe, while the master control monitored all streams in real-time with the GlobalM web dashboard. During the 12-hour broadcast, the GlobalM network did not drop a single packet for a seamless SRT distribution experience.

“GlobalM and Matrox Video are honoured to have been entrusted to support arguably one of the biggest events in broadcasting history,” said Paul Calleja, chief technology officer and co-founder, GlobalM. “Matrox Monarch EDGE’s high-quality and low-latency encoding support on the GlobalM private IP backbone provided BBC Studios with complete stability and quality for each stream, ensuring international rights holders near and far with exceptional event coverage.”

“Cloud-based contribution and primary distribution offers an affordable alternative and/or complementary workflow to satellite-based media transport,” said Francesco Scartozzi, vice president of sales and business development for the Broadcast and Media Group (BMG), Matrox Video. “Matrox Video has been working closely with GlobalM so that customers like the BBC can benefit from quick-to-deploy, cloud-native networks that are a fraction of the cost of double-hop satellite delivery models—but with the same broadcast quality and customer viewing experience.”

About GlobalM

GlobalM provides a SRT based digital network for contribution of live events to rights holding broadcasters, production partners and sponsors. Our network scaling, its ability to operate in professional protocols (MPEG TS, H.264, HEVC) and its ARQ interoperability (with security) makes it a perfect substitute or back-up solution to traditional fiber & satellite services with the advantage of full flexibility and significant cost reductions.

Other Encoders

The GlobalM network also works with other encoders like the Intinor Suite of products and Haivision Makito Series and KulaByte Series Encoders and decoders. To learn more about secured and guaranteed distribution of signals feel free to get in touch and see if we can design your workflow based on GlobalM cloud distribution.