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The Intinor Direct router is a real working horse. It is the toolbox that fits pretty much every workflow. With all of it functions it fits perfectly within every main control room. Just a quick list of its functions;

  • HLS encoding
  • HLS decoding
  • SRT encoding
  • SRT decoding
  • Multiple SDI inputs
  • Multiple SDI outputs
  • RTMP encoding
  • RTMP decoding
  • Bifrost Encoding
  • Bifrost Decoding
  • RIST encoding
  • RIST Decoding
  • Intercom (4 Wire) links to remote sites (box to Box)
  • Aes64 transport for intercom or discreet audio transport.

And this is just a small selection. This allows you to take any signal and output it to SDI or take any SDI and output it to any streaming platform or just point to multi-point distribution of signals. The combination of options also makes it a single box solution for remote productions. It can provide point to multi point VPN making remote control of camera’s a breeze. the AES67 dante compatible option is a real game changer. link your RTS / Riedel or green-go intercom system to your Intinor router and you have more then enough intercom channels to communicate between the production site and event site.

The system is managed using the ISS cloud platform allowing you to manage your fleed of routers / direct-link encoder / decoders from a single pane of glass. trough this platform you can also share channels of your devices with other intinor users making it an powerfull tool to share and source content.

Intinor ISS screenshot

Intinor ISS Portal

The Direct router is also an ideal solution in every Outside Broadcast truck. With its encoding and trans-coding functions one has a simple solution to stream to the internet or to bring your program signals to the broadcaster.

the system makes use of decktec SDI cards thus making it really stable certainly in combination with the linux operating system its build to last.

If you like to review the power of the Intinor equipment make sure to visit them on IBC ( Stand 5.F59) or get in touch with us and where happy to provide a onsite demo of this piece of Swedish ingenuity