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Case: The advantage of professional Communication – Studio 040.

The municipal elections in the Netherlands were again on March 16, 2022 and these are busy times for many local broadcasters. In the run-up to these elections, making various advertisements and promotions, but also debates around election day itself, but also the results evening. This is also the case at Studio 040. However, they wanted to put down the results evening well. For example, there are 3 reporters in the field. With the emergence of VMIX and the VMIX Call option, we came up with the idea together with the customer to give the reporters in the field an Iphone in combination with a Ringlight and an adapter ending in a handheld microphone and an earpiece for the reporter.

It is of course important to be able to query the reporters and to be able to consult the editors and the presentation that was situated in the Park Theater (Eindhoven) . For this we helped Studio 040 with the deployment of an RTS ODIN 23 ports Intercom matrix. By using Dante, we managed to limit the cable burden for the project. And it was easy and quick for the broadcaster to set up. We provided both VMIX systems (1 for processing the incoming calls from the reporters and 1 for the entire program) with Dante Virtual Soundcard, so that these systems were fully integrated into the audio network and we could therefore make IFBs for the different reporters. As a result, editors and presentation were able to consult with each other individually. This also enabled cross-talk between the different locations.

n addition, we equipped the camera crew with the RTS Wireless beldpacks. So that everything for the director was available under the button. In this way, the director could speak to all parts of its production and keep a grip on its production. The combination of high-quality communication based on RTS ODIN and the use of VMIX call, together with Studio 040, we have managed to create a high-quality product for the residents of the Eindhoven region.

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Technical Details:

 3x RTS KP4016 + Headsets
1x RTS ODIN Frame 23 Ports
1x RTS ROAMEO antenna
4x RTS ROAMEO BeldPacks + Headsets
1x Yamaha TF5 with Dante
1x CTP Systems DIO1616MA-XLR
2x VMIX video Systems
1x Streamdeck
1x Haivision Single Channel Encoder towards Studio.

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