Building coms between a studio and your outside production location might become more of a difficulty now analog and ISDN lines are being phased-out. IP is more and more becoming the standard. There, where before you could simply ask for an analog or ISDN based landline for venues, this is getting more and more difficult to provide. Sure a line via a PBX is sometimes still possible or you could even do a conversion for IP based SIP to an analog signal (POTS) so you can use your regular Phone-hybrid to provide coms. This is and will be still a feasible solution to provide coms backhaul from production to studio locations.

But what if there was an easier way? Like using the internet and connecting your coms to multiple studio’s or other remote sites? Well there is. YourSide has partnered with AEQ to provide a high quality audio Codec that supports SIP with the OPUS Codec. We also partnered with SIPitPro, a platform that connects codecs as a STUN/ TURN server so after initial installation you do not have to worry about any IP protocols or NAT forwarding rules on the locations. Just simply provide the codec with Internet and login to your account so you can link your codec with someone else’s codec.

The AEQ Phoenix 3 codec seamlessly integrates with the SIPitPro platform, making building communications links back and forth really easy. The Phoenix 3 Supports 2 separate channels of communication bidirectional. Allowing you to build two channels of communication to different locations. Even when both locations are behind a NAT gateway, like a mobile internet connection often is. Connecting a codec to another is as easy as just sharing yours or accepting a shared codec from someone else and linking them together.


The SIPitPro platform has even more handy tricks coming like VOIP dialing and partyline style point to multipoint communications. By combining these functions SIPitPro and AEQ you have the perfect mix to provide easy and reliable communication. The Phoenix 3 Codec is available in our Sales portfolio but also in our rental portfolio. When buying a AEQ codec you get a free trail for each codec you buy. Also our rental codecs come with a subscription to SIPitPro.