One of our latest projects is one that shows the power of SRT. 25 years ago on the 15th of Juli (1996) a Belgian C-130 Hercules crashed at the Eindhoven Airforce base. 34 people lost their lives that day. the Municipal of Eindhoven and the foundation dedicated to the remembrance of these victims organize a  memorial service on the sight of the crash.

Each year this memorial is broadcasted over the internet and aired on “Studio 040“. The memorial this year had two locations, one location was at the Airforcebase and the other was at the side of the town hall of Eindhoven. to provide a full overview a link between these two locations was requested. Mobicam (producer Airbase side) and Studio 040 (Producer Town Hall Side) asked us to provide the link between both sides for both Video / Audio but also to provide the communications between both sides.

We provided 3 separate video links over our Media Gateway. 1 Link from the Airforce base towards the Town Hall, 1 Link from the Town Hall towards the Airforce Base and one program stream toward the studio of 040 and that same feed we transcoded towards the Mobicam CDN and the Studio 040 Youtube Channel next to the video also we provided a GreenGo intercom solution to provide wireless intercom towards the cameraman at the Town hall.


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