Started on the 8th of december the SRT InterOp Plugfest was started during the 4 days of intense testing loads and loads of equipment vendors and software developers to test the interoperability of there SRT implementations. During these testing YourSide had brought the QuickLink Node to the table. The cloud based solution of Quickstream allows easy sharing of feeds coming and going towards your facility. The Nodes can be run under Windows and Linux. also adding a SDI card is supported. Making this solution great as a onside node to bring or collect signals from remote sites.Also in time PTZ camera Control will be added to make it an ideal Remote production node.

The Outcome of the SRT InterOp Plugfest is that the stream we provided is compatible with over 90% of the manufactures doing there testing. For more information on this product get please get in touch and were happy to help.


Do you have projects that this could be a good fit ? Please let us know and where happy to help do testing and integration of the Quickstream Technology!

During the SRT InterOp Plugfest we also provided a Feed originating from X-Pert’s Playout System. That also came back as a successful implementation! Since June of this year (2020) the company is an SRT Alliance Member and thus providing SRT as an elemental part of there solution in Both there playout Product and there recording product. In a later stage the other product will also support SRT. Would you like to test sending or recieving a feed from X-pert Playout or recording ? Please let us know and we are happy to help!