HaiVision SRT

Its time! Time to do some hands on articles; “From Germany to Dallas and Back again”  In this article we will walk trough some of the things that we do with SRT to give a good overview of what SRT can be used for. Here at YourSide we specialize in highly reliable transmision / contribution links between locations using the connectivity available at the location. This might be satellite, Internet, 4G fibre what ever is available.

The case we would like to discuss this time is one we have done for a big German broadcaster bringing Multiple signals in from the US (Dallas) towards there broadcast station. We will explain what we did and how we lowered the latency so it would stay below 4 frames so it could be used for a reliable crosstalk.

The first thing we did was do a ping from the US to Germany and we noticed that there where quite some fluctuations in the Ping times and they could run up as high as 204ms. Using the rule of thumb to do the roundtrip times 4 this would mean a big delay in the video. Still better than we would of had with satellite but still not really comfortable for a cross-talk.

What we ended up doing was spin up a Hai Vision Media Gateway in amazon on the American side of the connection and one on the German side of the connection. We linked them together over the amazon network where the latency was much lower and was kept below the 20ms this ment just a delay of 80ms and as the connection was reliable we where comfortable enough to go to 60ms buffer and it kept uw very well. The link was set-up bi-directional so that the talent could see the guest and the other way around.

This setup was running for 1 whole week and had shown only 593 re transmitted packets. And this has not been seen in the video at all. The customer saved them self’s over 3500,– Euro in satellite fees and this is not counting the pricing of the up-link facility so just the cost of the capacity.  And it only used the internet via a local provider on both ends. The bandwidth used was around 10mbps so it was nothing special in a sense of the connection it self.

If your looking to see what SRT could do for you feel free to get in contact and where happy to see what we can do to to help save costs.  In the next Blog we will go trough some SRT settings of a Product called Airbox to help you receive and send signals from anywhere in the world and do the ” From Germany to Dallas and Back again” trip yourself!.