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Who would of told you just less then two months ago that your MCR would of been controlled from your employees home would of been told that he was crazy and not by his right mind! and look at us now! where all working from home. Editors are editing from there home offices using the internet. Everyone is videoconferencing and collaborating in tools like Teams, SharePoint and what more that is available.

During these unsettled and strange times where working from home is a challenge for broadcast professionals, there are a number of solutions available. One of those solutions being SRT and has never been in more demand than it had today and Haivision is at the heart of research and innovation of low latency solution including SRT.

So why not control your MCR from home including Multiviewer and the audio that belongs with it ? Or even contribute to TV shows from home ? and all you need is a simple consumer grade internet connection ? well it is possible! in a webcast from the Video Snackbar (an initiative of VRT Belgium)  DPG  (De Pers Groep Belgium) told about how they where working from home controlling and monitoring there MCR using SRT enable Solutions. For DPG one of the issues is video latency as they need to respond to on air issues in the wink of an eye. SRT gave them the ability to do this.

Contributing from the comfort of you home is also popular solution where SRT can be used! using a SRT encoder or just use your own Smartphone to send video to the studio and interact in the show. The SRT enabled Makito X encoders and decoders provide a reliable and stable link to contribute to TV shows with a real low price point compared to links over satellite. and it is quick to setup!

To clarify the options a bit more Haivision has created a one sheet white paper that puts things in a perspective and helping out with possible ideas that your playing with! Download the white paper here ! Haivision – Working From Home If you like use to help you get up and running just contact us via the chat or contact us anyway you like. where happy to help out with rental solutions or to advice in the right kit if you’re more looking to buy a solution.


The Recording of the Webinar can be found below (the spoken language is Dutch)