armored protection type SMPTE HDTV cable



3K.93C SMPTE304M/311M HDTV Hybrid Fiber Cable with SMPTE304, SMPTE311M and ARIB BTA S-1005B etc standards, It could work with lemo 3K.93C fiber cable assembly or connector.   This HDTV fiber cable has internal two singlemode fibers and two low-voltage conductors. It could make AV fiber box to supply power from one end to another in long distance video and fiber transmission.  This 3K.93C hybrid fiber cable also has stainless steel inside with armored jacket which makes it more reliable and stable in push-pull latching system use of broadcast and industry.The SMPTE cable is widely used in professional broadcast transmission between the Blackmagic Design Camera Fiber Converter to their Studio Fiber Extender

1. optional length with 10meter, 30meter, 100meter, 200meter, 300meter
2. internal 2 fibres, 2 power contacts and 2 signal contacts, support armored protection with steel inside
3. Connectors are protected with gaiters
4. Tested to the requirements of IEC 61300
5. Compatible with Lemo PUW-FUW connectors
6. Reliable design, sealed to IP68
7. Optional pre-terminated F2 fiber ferrule, quick and easy on-site installation

8.Comply with Lemo, SMPTE、ARIB & EBU Standrad

9. suitable for outdoor flexible use for broadcast camera feed and CCU control

Cable SpecSheet

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