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“SRT provides solution to Broadcast Glow”


In these difficult times we see events become inventive in trying to stay in the picture and to keep providing the public with Events. This goes also for the Dutch organization GLOW in Eindhoven the Netherlands. Its a festival of Light. Artists from all over the world brighten up the city of Eindhoven with pieces of Light-Art. But as for all other events the Dutch covid guidelines made it difficult for them to have people come together and enjoy these Artistic works. That’s why they decided to create the biggest Light Art-Work in the world, 80 square kilometer of lights.

as you might image showing the 80 square kilometer of blue sky’s from the ground proofs difficult. This is why the Local Broadcaster was asked to create a Live stream With camera points throughout the city. Locations Like the Evuluon and the EindhovenCityhall tower they could overlook the entire city.  These camera’s where all connected to the Master Control room in the building of the Broadcaster. to connect these camera’s they choose YourSide to provide them with 4 Single Channel Encoders and 2 Dual Channel Decoders. together with the  use of the MediaGateway we provided them a fitting solution.

The outgoing signal was also carried by SRT to the Playout and to the Transcoder making sure it was also Live on Facebook, YouTube using the KB Mini to provide the highest possible Picture Quality. Also looking for a solution to keep your audience involved ? Get in touch and together we will come to a cool solution!