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Just SIPit

More and more equipment is being developed using the internet as the carrier for signals. Even your thermostat at home is connected now a days. The same goes for all sorts of broadcast equipment. This has great advantages but is has its drawbacks also. Also the Telecom world is changing.…

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Hassel free Coms!

Building coms between a studio and your outside production location might become more of a difficulty now analog and ISDN lines are being phased-out. IP is more and more becoming the standard. There, where before you could simply ask for an analog or ISDN based landline for venues, this is…

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About one of our latest projects

One of our latest projects is one that shows the power of SRT. 25 years ago on the 15th of Juli (1996) a Belgian C-130 Hercules crashed at the Eindhoven Airforce base. 34 people lost their lives that day. the Municipal of Eindhoven and the foundation dedicated to the remembrance…

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SRT InterOp Plugfest – QuickStream and X-pert Playout Tested!

Started on the 8th of december the SRT InterOp Plugfest was started during the 4 days of intense testing loads and loads of equipment vendors and software developers to test the interoperability of there SRT implementations. During these testing YourSide had brought the QuickLink Node to the table. The cloud…

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BusinessHaiVision SRTRemote Broadcast


“SRT provides solution to Broadcast Glow”   In these difficult times we see events become inventive in trying to stay in the picture and to keep providing the public with Events. This goes also for the Dutch organization GLOW in Eindhoven the Netherlands. Its a festival of Light. Artists from…

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In the Hub; Podcast!

Last week we where invited to join Neil in the podcast series in the Hub from Playbox Technologies UK. The main question asked was will sports broadcasting be changed after the Corona Virus? Listen to the podcast to find out more.

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SRT Gets Your Message EveryWhere!

With the wide spread adoption of SRT it is now possible to bring your signal from pretty much everywhere to everywhere. Globecast is one of the adopters of SRT and with there participation we can get your signal to a large verity of broadcasters and distribution parties.  Even the smaller…

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Avid and SRT remote Editing in Control!

in the YouTube video “The Controlroom” the guys from Haivision, Avid and Microsoft are explaining more about how they have been using SRT to make remote editing easier. Avid has been working on an SRT intergration. In combination with the HaiVision Makito X you can have a video monitor on…

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Is linear playout dying ?

Is linear playout dying ? some would say yes and some would say no. We see still a lot of requests for new linear playout systems passing our desks and where still building them all around the globe. so based on that I would be tempted to say no but…

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Empowering Broadcast Professionals with Remote Workflows

Against the backdrop of the current COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, working from home has become the new reality for many organizations. However, for some industries it’s not quite that simple. For broadcasters and media companies with complex media workflows, the shift to remote work requires access to low latency video…

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BusinessHaiVision SRT

SRT en Carnaval

Het afgelopen weekend ( 21 tot 25 Maart 2020) was in Brabant en Limburg het Carnaval los gebarsten. Het Carnaval is voor vele een feest om naar uit te kijken en om vol in op te gaan. Voor vele lokale omroepen dan ook het moment om te laten zien wat…

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HaiVision SRT Small Logo SRT Alliance

MasterClass SRT

In samenwerking met Diginet is er een masterclass SRT opgezet om het protocol de aandacht te geven die het verdient. De masterclass zal zowel in Nederland als in Belgie worden gegeven, In nederland op 10 Maart en in Belgie op 11 Maart. Tijdens de dagen zal onder meer in gegaan…

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Synchronized from the Start: Genlock in Broadcast

Timing is everything for live video broadcasts. Your viewers want to be close to the action, by watching it as close to real-time as possible, in the best quality possible. And to minimize delay while maximizing quality, synchronization is important – especially for remote production where multiple cameras are used.…

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